Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Solution Profile

elv profile

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) solutions consist of new-age technologies and are now widely used within a building or facility to ensure safe and secure living as well as to significantly reduce energy and communications costs. Be it residential premises or business establishments, ELV system has become a prerequisite and standard practice where controlled pedestrian facilities are provided.

In electricity supply, using ELV is one of several means to protect against electrical shock.

The International Electro-technical Commission and its member organizations define an ELV circuit as one in which the electrical potential of any conductor against earth (ground) is not more than either 25 volts RMS (35 volts peak) for alternating current, or ripple-free 60 volts for direct current under dry conditions. Lower numbers apply in wet conditions, or when large contact areas are exposed to contact with the human body.